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* hey study group!!!
  - 10/18/01 07:27

hi group ,after a long week.!!!!this what i plan to do.if anyone of u guys want to put forth some ideas , fine with me..
pathology--from 16 to26.thats 10 days.more than enough.
behavioral sciences..parallel with patho and every subject from here on.17 to dunno when.
histo,embryo,neuro,gross--29 to 4'th next month.
micro &immuno--5'th - 10'th
biochem--11 to 17'th
pharm-- 17 to 25'th.
so give or take we will be over with it by next month ending.!!!!
send in ur info.
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* Re: hey study group!!!
   - 10/18/01 07:34
  jana -

I'm interested in joining the study group. I have been studying already but having a support group would be great. My plans are almost the same. In the same time with readings, I have been using QBank and First Aid. Books I am using:
Path: Goljan
Micro/Immuno: Levinson
Biochem: Lippencott
Pharm: Kaplan notes
Anatomy/Neuro: High Yield
Behavioral Sci: High Yield
Any other suggestions are welcomed!!!
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* Re: hey study group!!!
   - 10/19/01 00:13

as per ur timetable started patho i.e from 16 by tomorrow i will b done with systemic patho
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