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* DR/Pt relation *doctorsaheb,marrie99, mchill*
  agarow - 10/19/06 22:08
  I am here to thank for all of those who contributed to Dr/Pt relationship or Medical ethics specially:

Doctorsaheb, who hosted and anchored the session.

Marrie99 who contributed the most of the questions (She had her intentions to have her own show (dr/pt 10/18/06), the very next day “the professor……….. Kidding”

Mchill who put an extraordinary effort, to write the minutes of the session and put together some of the in one document.

I also here to mention for my appreciation to all you who contributed and make the discussion interesting.

Since, I was taking lot of notes, silent observer, from that class here is my part of the contribution of Dr/Pt relationship.
Thank you all.
Here is the link....

Name: Collection of Dr. Patient Relationship Qs and explanations….pdf
Size: 137KB

The download link is:

Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

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* Re:DR/Pt relation *doctorsaheb,marrie99, mchill*
  drbilan - 10/19/06 22:48
  thank you very much for the download.

it is gooddddddddddddd
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* Re:DR/Pt relation *doctorsaheb,marrie99, mchill*
  leschnyhan - 10/19/06 23:14
  Hi agarow,
excellent work. TNK u from the apex my heart.
May God Bless u
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* Re:DR/Pt relation *doctorsaheb,marrie99, mchill*
  mchill - 10/19/06 23:16
  thank u...agarow.....
hope marie99 will not sue aganist us.....
good luck everybody
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