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* metronidazole in pregnancy???
  josh888 - 10/31/06 11:32
  quite confuse here...

Kaplan notes say that it is safe to use metronidazole in 1st trimester pregancy to treat bacterial vaginosis/trichomoniasis. however the kaplan video says that do not use metronidazole in 1st trimester because it is teratogenic. what do uthink? pls clarify me on this. What does golgian or UW say?
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* Re:metronidazole in pregnancy???
  ben - 10/31/06 11:58
This is from usmle20

ben, I would have chosen the metro cream, esp in the 1st trimester..I thought Oral Metro was CI in the 1st trimester?

Anyways, did the internet search, & what dolly says is correct..They all say Oral Metro or Clinda....Maybe its the latest updated Rx..

Foll are the links:-

If you are pregnant and test positive for BV, you will be treated with oral, not vaginal, antibiotics. Studies show that oral antibiotics such as metronidazole and clindamycin are effective treatments that avoid increased risk to the fetus; a longer course of treatment is more likely to be effective than a shorter course. Use of clindamycin vaginal cream has been shown to have a slightly increased risk for preterm birth, so it is not recommended for use in pregnancy.

Also CDC recomends oral use
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* Re:metronidazole in pregnancy???
  josh888 - 10/31/06 12:14
  so, what u r trying to say is that, it is ok to use oral metronidazole in 1st trimester of pregnancy to treat vaginosis..
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