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* old med grads--any chance for residency
  mle08 - 10/31/06 23:47
  hi ppl,
im a silent observer of this forum...recently gave step1 and passed ..step 1 forum was very useful.....boosted my confidence a lot... have kids and a full time mom its so hard ..and now im here preparin to take ck in feb and cs in march ,hopin to go match next year..
sometimes the thot of matching for residency, bein and old med grad often worries me a lot...i dont have any research exp or USCE ,except that ive been working as a GP in my country..
friends do i still have a chance ....are there any programmes that dont consider year of graduation(1990) or do i have to give up.... goin thru a troubled marriage , harrassment from my inlaws and now the worry of whether i wud get ivs next year makes me so depressed. only my children(10 & 8 yrs) are my strength ... they gave me a lot of support when i prepared for step1 , thier smiles keep me going thru all odds...and i dont intend to give up yet... but i dont know i am doin the right thing ... do i chance a chance for residency next year :(

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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  nexus - 11/01/06 00:07
  mle...u've made it this far....THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR QUITTING OR DOUBTS....keep at it and focus on what ure doing right now (step 2 CK), and keep your worries for later...and yes...alot of old grads have gotten IVs (check the residency & matching section for a better insight on that) but that shouldnt be worrying you right now...u made a decision to go through with this and ure already done with the hardest part of it...keep ure enegry for studying for now.....we all have our ups and downs.....and we're all here to suport eachother during those "downs" my advice right now....STAY FOCUSED....for your kids...for your marriage....and most importantly FOR YOURSELF...if you quit now u might feel better temporarily...but on the long run ull always have that "what if" question lurking in ure head...and beleive me...if u think what ure going through now is bad...the "what if" guilt is ALOT worse...last but not least...visit the forum's comforting to see and talk to ppl in your shoes and know ure not alone.

Good luck
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  airmax - 11/01/06 00:32
  yes mle i totally agree with nexus.... this forum is really good... i would suggest you just concentrate on your steps right now and after you give your exams just try to get observership or research at some place near whre you live... i knw life can be hard.. especially when you are in charge of a family... I would like to urge you wht nexus told STAY FOCUSED on your GOAL nd you will succed... thr are hospitals which also take old grads.. they just dont wont you out of the medical field for a long time... also as i said earlier if you able to gather a few US LORs it will definately boost your resume a lot... and as you planning to giv your cs in march... you will hav ample time to have USCE or work some time in research which i would highly recommend.... wish ya good luck nd i would personally like to urge you to stay commited to the path you have chosen....

wish u good luck
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  mle08 - 11/01/06 01:45
  thnku nexus and airmax
i worked abroad for a few years and when i came back to india i was shocked to see that all the savings i had were misused by my husband and i was penniless over nite...then i managed to have my own practice in my home town and saved every penny that i had and managed to get visit visa for US(my brother sponsored me , he is in new jersey) for 2 brother urged me to concentrate on my career by doin MLE for the sake of my kids future and im tryin very hard to move on........
Its a hard long dark journey both personally and careerwise.... but with such a caring family at the usmleforum and with my children around me who r my only bundle of joy and strength im sure i wil be able to see sunshine someday and be a proud mom for my kids :)))

all the best and G/L to evrybody
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  mle08 - 11/01/06 02:03
  can anybody advise me on how to get into research programs or observership ...also cud u suggest websites to find hospitals that wud take up old grads
cud somebody help strugglin souls like me..... plz
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  dolly123 - 11/01/06 07:39
  new jersey, new york, penn are great places for img grads...also u need to be pushy and persistent....
1.make a listing of all hosp and docs that you could feasibly target..about a 100 or so
2.make a nice looking cv..put all yr work and research experience etc..make a cover letter stating your desire to to do observership
here its very imp thatyou locate the department heads and talk to them straight if possible...they are more receptive sometimes than the admin personnel these people and places
4. just do it..there is no magic formula exxcept yr desire and yr persistence

tell yrself that on average it takes 50-60 rejections to get to a 'yes' dont give up too early..with every rejection you are one step closer to getting to where you need to be

keep posting yr progress here...there will always be someone to answer you or give ideas etc....the worst is probably behnind you already

good luck and god bless
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  dolly123 - 11/01/06 07:57

good one!
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  mle08 - 11/01/06 12:36
  dolly 123 god bless u
i cant find words to express how grateful i am ... thnk u for all the links uve mentioned, and thanks for cheering a person like me who has only faced hardships and trials .. but now i feel so much positive now and startin to feel upbeat!!!
thnx a ton to u and airmax and nexus spendin ur precious time helpin to get back on my feet
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* Re:old med grads--any chance for residency
  mltrmltr - 11/01/06 12:46
  To Dolly 123:

You are very very great guy, wish you all the best
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