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* Shoulder examination
  pogo2006 - 10/31/06 17:53
  During shoulder exam do we take off the drape completely from the patient including the sleeves to expose both shoulders and the chest OR
Do we just pull up the half sleeves to expose little bit of both shoulders
Please help
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* Re:Shoulder examination
  mim - 10/31/06 17:59
  expose both shoulder and chest in case of men or women. but before doing that explain that why u r doing this  
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* Re:Shoulder examination
  theprince - 11/01/06 01:13
  You ask the Patient permission to untie and move down the "GOWN" so you can inspect and examine both shoulders. The drape remains on the patient legs.
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* Re:Shoulder examination
  amir2000 - 11/01/06 01:19
  i think according to many vedeos that i have seen ,they just untie the gown and pull it down to the chest with exposure of both shoulders, without taking off the gown, and after finish inpection and palpation ,u can test movements of shoulders with having the pateint wearing the goun  
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* Re:Shoulder examination
  docshells - 11/01/06 15:20
  do you start with the normal shoulder first or the one where patient feels pain?  
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