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* anyone knows about canada's requirements for j
  sarah901 - 10/29/06 13:45
  Hi guys!!!!
I'm very confused.....I am a canadian permanent resident and I'm planning to apply for residency next year...Im done with my step 1 and 2 .......I have heard from different ppl that in order to be eligible for j1 visa I need to pass candian exams as well.....Please can anyone help me get a clear answer.Thanks a lot in advance.
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* Re:anyone knows about canada's requirements fo
  vansterdam - 10/29/06 14:27
  u need to pass evaluating exam only there is no need for qe1 and the medical college of the province that u r already in can give u a letter that says u passed canadian exam and u will return to canada after finishing studing in the US and in this way u will be eligible for J1 visa sponsered by ECFMG.again u only need to pass EE(evaluating exam) .EE examcan be taken 3 times a year and u need to pass at the time u r processing your visa.ii think next one will be in january 2007.check out WWW.MCC.CA for further information under the title of examination.  
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