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* hot ethics
  coping - 10/30/06 18:16
  1. A pharmaceutical company approaches you about a clinical research project involving your office patients. Your patients with high blood pressure will be eligible to be treated with a new medication that has just been released by the FDA. The object of the study is to evaluate risks and benefits of this medication in an unselected office population. The pharmaceutical company will pay $250 per patient for the expenses generated by the study, and one year’s salary for a data manager and will supply the drug free of charge. Meetings to discuss the initiation of the study and follow-up results will be held in New Orleans and Honolulu. Your spouse will be invited as a company’s guest to attend these meetings since they will take away from home.

Participating in the study would be considered appropriate professional behavior if:

a. Your patients signed an informed consent.
b. Your patients sign an informed consent and your partners approve the study.
c. An oversight committee of the hospital where you have privileges or your regional medical society approves the study.

d. None of the above.

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* Re:hot ethics
  drsri - 10/30/06 19:12
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* Re:hot ethics
  ss - 10/30/06 20:53
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* Re:hot ethics
  depdoc - 10/30/06 22:13
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* Re:hot ethics
  cleous - 10/30/06 23:56
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* Re:hot ethics
  dr_ydm - 10/31/06 01:42
  D. and for the following reasons

Spouses can not attend Pharma diners without being doctors themselves (a law exists that says so).
Conflict of interest exists when you are incentivized to Rx there med when another can be Rx and probably be cheaper for the becomes agent of pharma, not agent of patient.
These facts should be second hand knolwedge to all doctors in the US. If you make a patient sign an infomed consent to accept this still does not erase the fact that it is unethical, neither does being apllauded by a few colleagues or a corrupt medical society for such actions.

Just because 50,000 frenchmen say the world is flat, does not mean they are right.
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* Re:hot ethics
  dr_ydm - 10/31/06 01:43
  by the way........NICE question.

This "Ethics" question could not be learned in any book that I know of........I learned these facts on the the residency.
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* Re:hot ethics
  coping - 10/31/06 04:45
  i do blieve its d.
as dr ydm said.
the issue of the wives.
also i do not bleiev you should be involved in ajop where u look like to be working for the drug compapaney using your patient.

but i do not have answer from the source,sory.
even though i am sure its d.
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