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* step 3
  spins - 10/31/06 09:05
  hey got my step 3 result ...passed..
what i did for step 3 :
UW=did the whole thing in tutor mode..i used it as a learning tool not assessing tool.
kaplan step 3 Qbank=again in tutor mode
kaplan IM Qbank =tutor mode
i used the above 3 to study .,..i dint read any book for step3
i did the usmle cd 2 wks before the exam =did quite well in them
for ccs=i had the UW cases on my hard disk ,so the 1st time i did it i read through the whole thing ..the 2nd time i used to read only the begining case and then write down the whole thing....i had a set program for what i would do the moment i saw ER / atleast the begining is std .in this way i literally learnt up all the cases in UW...
as i havent started residency yet ..i thought this was the only way to get the ccs done
i scored mainly on ccs ..i got all the cases ..except a case on gastric cancer where the case just dint get over inspite of doing everything for the pt.
my other cases were :TB ,child abuse , chf , pcp pneumonia ,blunt abdominal trauma [splenic rupture] , dementia ,
all the best to everyone !
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* Re:step 3//// thanks spins , congrats &&,please
  yas - 10/31/06 10:34
  spins , what is the different between ??? Kaplan IM Qbank && Kaplan step 3 Qbank
are these two diff Qbank?

also when did you take the strep 2.

best of luck in your Bright life.

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* Re:step 3
  spins - 10/31/06 10:40
  yes kaplan step 3 and kaplan IM r 2 different qbanks
i took my step2 in feb 2006..cs in april ....
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* Re:step 3
  passordietryin - 10/31/06 12:43
  congrats!!!! did you get any survey from NBME before you get your result? are you here in the U.S.? Goodluck to you.  
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* Re:step 3
  step32006 - 11/01/06 17:27
  I had three cases which I am not sure were O.K. First- Duodenal ulcer, got better, but still had discomfort. The second was Aortic stenosis, the patient lost councessness, I transferred him in ER, but the case finish before to write the Dx. The third the patient became better but again finished without Dx, not becouse I did not know it, but because I did not have an option to write. So, I consider that I have 6 cases right, and 3-not right. Do you think is possible to pass the CCS?I will apretiate any responce. Thank you!  
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* Re:step 3
  nevergiveup - 11/01/06 18:15
  what will u recomend im bank or q bank of kaplan, if some one s short of time.
i heard im bank is good and difficult too.
can i ask your score plz.
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* Re:step 3
  captopril - 11/02/06 20:42
  spins .. can u plz jot down how much you were scoring in
Kaplan Q bank

and whats is your real exam score.... thanks in advance
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* Re:step 3
  dr_nuri - 11/02/06 21:52
  hey spins..plz tell is it imp to do kaplans Q book..i am short of timeand i did USWD,scoring that ok to pass.  
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* Re:step 3
  spins - 11/03/06 13:34
  i dint do kaplan q book .....uw 57 is good...
i did all the test series in tutor really dint evaluate myself...
my score in the exam was 86%
i liked IM kaplan better than step 3 q bank
yes step32006 it is possible to pass , it depnds on the mcq's also ..and if u r sure of the 6 cases .i think u have done well
ccs is only 25% of the test result
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* Re:step 3
  dr_nuri - 11/04/06 12:40
  thanxs spins...what to do for pending you know smthing abt the erasable board in do we know we are going right coz at times despite probable Rx u give,shud we revise our Rx or go along the case next.  
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* Re:step 3
  dr_nuri - 11/04/06 20:49
  hey sunny one more we keep following pt. till we get the 5 min pop up,even thou all workup for the case is over.  
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