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* step 3 Recheck
  drdeepakkhemka - 10/31/06 10:58
  Hi friends.I got 72 in Step 3.I had problems with the advancement of clock during CCS.Have u guys ever heard of anyone passing in step 3 after recheck...Thanks  
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  spins - 10/31/06 12:14
  no harm in trying for a recheck !!  
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  drdeepakkhemka - 11/02/06 01:31
  I have already applied for step 3 recheck and its almost 8 weeks and I am waiting for the result.Coz of this step 3 failure my interview calls are screwed up.  
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* Re:step 3 Recheck-how 2 apply for recheck
  sid2004 - 11/02/06 09:01
  hey deepak,
which website gives the form 2 reapply ?
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  dr_nuri - 11/02/06 22:14
  hey deepak..what problem u had in clock advancement....advance clock to see result??  
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  drdeepakkhemka - 11/04/06 05:06
  Yes Nuri I had,problem with clock advancement,like i OPD patient if I gave an appointment after a week,the clock wasnt moving.Also thesoftware was too slow and I had to wait for 10 to 15 secs after placing an order.

There is no Official Form for step 3 recheck.You just have to write an application stating ur date of exam,center,usmle id and ur signature and send it to FSMB with 50 USDS check.
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  heart - 11/11/06 14:32
  i am also in same boat got 72 n have applied for rechek
but i was very confident about my exams my ccs were fine , out of 9 six i did fine with all reqd stuff , still can't get the reason of failure, my performance was bad in beh, n preventiv n ethis which were my strong portions so m confused about it that did i practice wrong??
i did UWmcqs , how to clarify about this .
any advice plz.........
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  genesismd - 11/11/06 23:11
  September was a brutal month, swear it seems as if it was the highest number of people that took and failed this examination ever, there should exist a poll or something, how on earth is it possible that this many people failed this examination in September and October? something just seems fishy to me about this whole process.  
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  passordietryin - 11/11/06 23:26
  that's just the way it is. you have to live with it. sorry but i haven't hear anybody changed their score from fail to pass after recheck. it's just a waste of money. tha only way to deal with this is to revise your strategy, do a lot of MCQ's, practice CCS more and pray to god.
you can do well in CCS but still's just the way it is. no one can tell you why. Just reapply, try harder, hit harder and leave the rest to god. that's it.
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  heart - 11/12/06 00:21
  i did lot of mcqs , practiced ccs n prayed to God that also too much
still i have to live with it trying to find fake reasons 4 my failure n now starting all over again.
GL everybody.........
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* Re:step 3 Recheck
  passordietryin - 11/12/06 01:44
  be strong heart. i know you'll be alright . you're not alone believe me. there are a lot of silent docs on this forum that are on the same situation as yours. just forge ahead with all your might to crush this monster exam. GL  
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