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* Thank God passed-89
  shijo - 10/31/06 13:38
  I finally got my result today- passed 216/89..I have benefited enormously from this forum. Thanks for all your support. My exam experience- I thought my mcqs on first day was fairly o.k.. 2nd day- I messed up 5 of my ccs cases..So I think mcqs are the most important factor in this exam..does not mean that you can ignore the ccs..
My exam preparation- UW-62%, nbme-510, kaplan-65%..did UW ccs only once...I guess I relied a lot on my step2 ck knowledge..and I had to study after I came back from work- late in the evening...
Please work really hard, use this forum to discuss willeventually pay off.. GL to all especially spins..
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  anila_indian - 10/31/06 13:42
i am old graduate passed step 1&2 in 2002 and appear twice in step 3 failed with low scores read uw crush the board not doing residency give me some advice and what books to read
thank u
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  tiger07 - 10/31/06 15:14
  how long did you study for it? like you, i could only study at nights and on wkends.  
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  shijo - 10/31/06 15:48
  Hi anila_indian- my study materials were as follows-
UW mcq, ccs. later read the notes I made from UW., crush step3- read almost twice, Kaplan mcq Q bank, Kaplan Q book, and finally usmlestep123 ccs ( very useful). I had to bank on my step2 knowledge as well...becoz I was working regulary. Most of my studies was late in the evenings and weekends.. It was not easy. But hard work will eventually, surely pay off.. GL
Hi tiger07
I studied for 2 months in total..used this forum a lot as well to discuss and learn from others.

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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  newdoc - 10/31/06 16:42
  congrats Shijo!  
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  alan - 10/31/06 17:40
  congratulations, best of luck!  
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  luckyal - 10/31/06 18:45
When did you take the exam?
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  genesismd - 10/31/06 19:23
  if you do not mind what were your step 1 and step 2 ck scores approximately, also how long ago did you take step 2ck, and how long did you prepare for it? thanks and congratulations, only a dream come true to even score above 75 on this test.  
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  shijo - 11/01/06 08:06
  Hi luckyal- I took the exam on sept 27,28
Hi genesismd- my step1 and step2ck scores were 86,94 respectively.. I studied for 2-3 months for each step. GL
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  resapril - 11/01/06 14:13
  hi shijo,
congratulations !! could you tell me please what kind of mistakes did u do in ccs cases? how did u mess up? I took my exam last week. i did mcq well but i am worried about ccs cases. could you please explain those to me. Thank you and good luck
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* Re:Thank God passed-89
  genesismd - 11/01/06 14:50
  wow ur knowledge is excellent, and you are a highly competitve candidate best of luck to you and thanks for your feedback... did you read step 2 ck notes or step 3 notes?  
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