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* pls sugesst
  bewildered - 11/01/06 00:03
  john is a 23 year old man who sustained a serious acquired brain injury through a motor vehicle accident two years ago. He lives in a group home with the support of live-in attendant carers 24 hours a day. He receives 5 hours per week of rehabilitation from a community health care team. In the team community meeting progress review, Brian says that he is sick of the OTs wanting him to become independent in washing himself and all he really wants to do is to go go-cart driving.

From johns’s description, how do you think he may have felt during this time?
What questions would you ask Brian?

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* Re:pls sugesst
  ultradocmansu - 05/12/08 08:27

how come u found a 2 yrs old post to look for a study partner?
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* Re:pls sugesst
  hums - 09/02/08 08:46
  hi iam also new in this forum,i need a study partner for USMLE STEP 1 prepration... iam from lahore pakistan and i urgently need a study partner from lahore..  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  ranibhivsankar - 11/28/08 04:07
  Hi,myself rani.i wanna information about ,syllbus of step1,best study material available,guidance for preparations n registration for exam.i will be really thankful if someone help me.  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  shiney - 11/28/08 04:30
  lol ultradoc really strange ppl still looking for study buddy here,OMGosh! lol
qnsbeing asked got burried last year only,sad.
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* Re:i am searching for study partner in chicagoilli
  drfarha5 - 01/10/09 23:19

i am searching for a study partner in chicago illinois .please help me
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* hi bobby nagpal
  chemistry - 02/23/09 10:02
  I need your help plz email me at  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  ncor33 - 05/11/09 08:00
  Hey everyone!
This is a new blog site, with tons of information for med studs!
Lots of info there, as well as a store with excellent prices and recommendations for books, supplies, etc…
But, the best is the free USMLE and residency advice. Check it out! Also, feel free to contribute articles or advice, contact me via the site.

Another one to check out is out to be sure to do your best on the USMLE or in the match. They are running a special on consultation services right now, and can help you get a GREAT residency spot. Contact them on the website, and mention discount code USMLE123 for a 20% discount on any service.
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* Re:pls sugesst
  mmc94 - 05/15/09 19:23
ami bangladeshi ar amio yahoo group e join korte chai. amar email holo
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* Re:pls sugesst
  scorpioindia - 05/29/09 10:02
  anybody to prepare for step 1. hve taken date in august. if interested let me know at guruof  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  riverdale - 06/24/09 08:28
  I am at riverdale, new york(bronx). Need a study partner. preparing for MLE 1,  
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