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* pls sugesst
  bewildered - 11/01/06 00:03
  john is a 23 year old man who sustained a serious acquired brain injury through a motor vehicle accident two years ago. He lives in a group home with the support of live-in attendant carers 24 hours a day. He receives 5 hours per week of rehabilitation from a community health care team. In the team community meeting progress review, Brian says that he is sick of the OTs wanting him to become independent in washing himself and all he really wants to do is to go go-cart driving.

From johns’s description, how do you think he may have felt during this time?
What questions would you ask Brian?

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* hi
  drkakes - 03/01/14 23:05
  hi can some body send step 2ck videos link pls  
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* please suggestion
  salehatanveer - 03/02/14 04:30
  hey i will be completing my first reading of step 1 by the end of April. how much time should i take for revision and uworld. planning to take my step in august.Need advice..

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* Re:pls sugesst
  ksb6565 - 03/02/14 09:14
  plz help him  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  neo2bond - 12/05/15 03:36
  you can study through many online center. you can search usmle step-1 exam on internet . From my side i suggest you kaplan, nbme, saba, smashusmle and many more. May be it's helpful for you. thanks!  
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* Re:pls sugesst
  arieltorres - 12/05/15 21:53
  I am new in this forum today I did my first nbme qbank is very difficult  
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* Re:pls sugesst..LOOKING TO BUY UWORLD
  mohammed2018 - 11/08/18 11:20
  Looking to buy step 1 U-world. Plz let me know. Thank you  
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