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* just start..which book
  doola - 11/01/06 00:35
  Hi gayz I have been watching people in this forum for long time
and at the end i decided to do step 1 ...i graduate 2001 and since graduation never practice am feel like its impossible to make it. but really gayz when I read in this forum it just like big motivation to me so am here…my question is ….is this book are ok for each subject?
Anatomy ..embro….nuro from HY
Patho +behv from Brs
Micro from micro made ridiculously simple
Biochem +pharama +immuno from Kaplan
Phsio????plzz where can I find simple and good phsio
thakzzzzzzz for help:):)
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* Re:just start..which book
  gnaveenreddy123 - 12/28/06 00:36
  nms physilogy  
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* Re:just start..which book
  drplacebo - 12/28/06 00:42
  Combo is good
Try BRS for Physio
Dont 4get 2 add Goljan audios in Ur prep....Its a must.
Gud Luck
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* Re:just start..which book
  tomkin - 06/11/07 15:36
  go only with kaplan books,you dont need anyhing etc.  
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* Re:just start..which book
  acth - 06/12/07 00:55
  yeah do only KAPLAN books except for pathology and for that you need goljan audio and lecture notes. best of luck  
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