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* date of graduation
  ajra2000 - 11/07/06 05:20
  can anybody please clarify when is the date of the graduation,is it the year i passed the final Mbbs exam/or is it the year that i got my degree certificate .
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* Re:date of graduation
  mle1 - 11/07/06 07:32
  I wrote the date I got my degree as the date of graduation and got registration approved.Hope this helps.Good luck.  
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* Re:date of graduation
  smilingsid - 11/07/06 09:18
  but in my transcripts, they have mentioned that the yr of graduation in one yr before the yr i actually got my degree. so wont i get into trouble if they see that i got graduated before i got the degree???? cos in the application form online, there r two questions clearly ... one says "year of graduation" another syas "year of degree/diploma" if u got graduated one yr before u got ur degree how can u write both yrs same?? that wud be a lie no????

i am also confused. is there anyone who knows for sure?
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* Re:date of graduation
  smilingsid - 11/07/06 18:26
  is yr of graduation the yr u passed ur final MBBS exam or the yr thats written in ur Diploma??  
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* Re:date of graduation
  smilingsid - 11/07/06 18:27
  cos we get our diploma after one yr of passing exams.  
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* Re:date of graduation
  123mle321 - 11/07/06 20:48

i hv a similar query.I put in 4.5 yrs as the required to get final degree but now i am confused.Should i put it in as 5.5 yrs as degree cannot be got without internship.Plz anybody help.Can a difference in information on step 1 and step 2 cs form lead to rejection or future trouble.Plz help me on this that info i shud fill in for cs form for time for graduating shud that include inernship too.What shud be put in as time for getting final medical diploma?does that include internship time.

Will appreciate if any kind soul can help me on this.
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* Re:date of graduation
  smilingsid - 11/08/06 09:19
  what does ur transcript say ur yr of graduation is? Does it say u graduated the yr u passed ur exam or does it say the yr u got the MBBS degree certificate. cos it takes a yr for the certificate to be made and given to us and that time we do internship. but my transcirpt says i graduated the yr i passed my exam, so i am very confused what to fill in my application. plz someone help us out.  
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* Re:date of graduation
  johngalt - 11/08/06 11:58
  the year of graduation is the year you got your medical diploma.thats what i put in all my applications.its working well for me. all my friends did the same thing  
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