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* anyone from mexico???
  chicatriste - 11/07/06 21:18
  Mmmh,. im just about to (oficially) start my Step1 preparation,..
so im kind of confused sometimes, and tend to freak out easely...

i just finished med school here in my country (Mexico), and i dont think i've developed some sort of Alzheimer just yet,. so im optimistic,..
i've been reading your posts,.. you forum people are kind of addictive..
one thing i've noticed is that you like to study in groups or with a partner,.. so i'd like to try it.. but im really, really lonely in here... :(
soooo, if anyone knows of somebody in Mexico preparing for the step,.. please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i haent found a latin forum,.. but i am happy here with you.. :)

do you think 6 month would be fine for preparing step 1???
(considering that im dedicated to it.. dont hava a job,... have no children, no boyfriend, not real worries)...
im reading First Aid,.. im enjoying that book!!!!
i plan to practice with Kaplan qbanks for 3 months..
and i just found out a lovely web page Pathoweb, or something..

ok,.. keep the good job!!!!
you all seem really nice docs with a bright future!!!
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* Re:anyone from mexico???
  mastuerzo - 11/07/06 23:41
  Where in Mexico?
Soy de Guadalajara
I live in San Diego, CA. I already did step 1, Im waiting for the results in about 3 more weeks
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* Re:anyone from mexico???
  chicatriste - 11/07/06 23:54
  eeeeh! hi Mastuerzo!
Congrats !!! i hope u get the results you want..
im in Tabasco, and as i said, i still have doubts about the tramites i have to follow :(
but im gonna work on all that...
how much time did it take you to prepare for the step1???
i dont speak perfect english, .. do u???????? should i have a perfect english 4 the exam??

ok,.. GL
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* Re:anyone from mexico???
  draagny - 11/08/06 13:44
I'm from Sonora leaving in LA. I already did step 1 also waiting for my results in 3 mores weeks like mastuerzo.
You don't need perfect english but if you have the posibility you should come here and stay so you can practice your english. My email is if you want to chat more about it. You too Mastuerzo!!!
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* Re:anyone from mexico???
  martha - 11/08/06 16:19
  I think you are doing the right thing by reading first aid-it is the bible and a way of writting down more info as you do questions. I am also studying for this test., doing as many questions as I can since I work. Buena suerte y echale muchas ganas!!!  
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