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* genetic Q1
  topgusmle - 11/08/06 16:18
  Question 1. James, a 3-week-old infant with ectrodactyly (a rare malformation of the hands and feet) is brought to you by his parents, Steve and Sonya. James has one older sibling who has normal hands and feet. Although neither parent has hand or foot abnormalities, members of Steve's family are affected with ectrodactyly. A family history reveals the following pedigree, where symbols representing individuals affected with ectrodactyly are shaded and symbols representing individuals with no clinical symptoms are not shaded.

What mode of inheritance is most suggested by this pedigree?

A) Autosomal recessive with variable expressivity
B) X-linked dominant with reduced penetrance
C) Y-linked with evidence of allelic heterogeneity
D) Autosomal dominant with reduced penetrance
E) X-linked recessive with a high degree of pleiotropy

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* Re:genetic Q1
  topgusmle - 11/08/06 16:19
  sorry, the picture containg the pedegree can not be posted, i do not know how
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* Re:genetic Q1
  step1_ca - 11/08/06 16:30
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* Re:genetic Q1
  topgusmle - 11/08/06 16:39
  D, i thought it was A myself, but d is the answer  
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* Re:genetic Q1
  laura81 - 11/08/06 17:03
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* Re:genetic Q1
  grace98 - 11/08/06 20:25
  Top gun , thanks for the Questions.

If possible, u can copy the pedigree to word & then upload the file in sendspace & send the link along with the Q, it will help . thanks. Grace.
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* Re:genetic Q1
  kashmala - 11/08/06 20:37
  v nice q  
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* Re:genetic Q1
  bep111 - 11/09/06 06:17
  Pedegree chart pls.
thx in advance
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