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* tech request
  dolly123 - 11/20/06 22:13
  what is the best way to transfer audio lecture on computer to a more 'portable' format?

i ahve an ipod mini it poss to upload them on it ?
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* Re:tech request
  grace98 - 11/20/06 23:02
  i don't think that is possible dolly, i am not a tech expert, but many have requested it before & have failed ..............  
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* Re:tech request
  adrenaline2176 - 11/20/06 23:13
  "Many will attempt....but only few will succeed" Dolly, almost all the audios u download from the forum will be in .mp3 format. Just load them into ur ipod like how u load music files and start listening. Its that simple.

If the file is in windows media audio (.wma) extension, u can download an wma to mp3 converter from the web and do it. I have loaded all my audio files on my 20GB creative nomad jukebox.

Good luck.
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* Re:tech request
  dolly123 - 11/21/06 11:47
  hello adrenaline2176,
all my lectures are in a last resort i tried burning cds but the burn sometimes goes thru and mostly doesnot...i wish u or someone could tell me of a way to do this ina n organized manner...totally confused...
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* Re:tech request
  adrenaline2176 - 11/21/06 13:00
  Ok...u have 2 options. Either u can download the mp3 version of the files from the links in the forum or install a real audio to mp3 converter and convert the files to mp3.

I checked the net for free softwares and this is the best i could find. I havent tried it, but it shud work.

Once u've converted it to mp3, it shud play in ur ipod. good luck
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* Re:tech request
  dolly123 - 11/21/06 14:54
  hate to pester you all, but where can i find mp3 versions of the goljan lectures ?
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* Re:tech request
  kabiraj - 11/21/06 15:12
  as far as i know, almost all Goljan lectures r uploaded here are in mp3 format!!! so if u had downloaded from this forum...they r already in mp3 format. so check ur original downloaded files once again.....they r surely there!!!  
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* Re:tech request
  dolly123 - 11/21/06 15:46
  Mine are in real player...thats not mp3 is it ?
i did not upload them here on the forum...a friend emailed hers to me so thats how i got there a link for mp3 versions that i can download from
thanks so much
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* Re:tech request
  adrenaline2176 - 11/21/06 15:51
  Hey dolly...check out the below link:

Good luck.
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* Re:tech request
  dolly123 - 11/22/06 09:23 it!!  
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