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* step 1 experience
  dan77 - 11/23/06 09:58
  hi guys iam a regular visitor of this site . i was going through this site gained a lot of useful information.about my experience i had just prepared for 2 months 4-6hrs daily after work and with 12hrs over wekends sources were FA and did uw while reading.i felt that FA was enough and one can answer most of the qs from uw.i took exam on 22nov it was a great experience taking exam as i was waiting 4 it but i found that there were some qs which were not making any sense at all and for many qs i had two close answers.overall after exam i felt that i complicated many basic qs and did was very difficult for me to compleate the 6&7 blocks as the qs were very long and i was desperate for breaks.before the exam i was aiming for 95+ but now iam hopeless with all silly mistakes and overassumptions i made in exam.what ever happen to step1 iam taking step2 in jan 07 before this basics dry off i hope i havent dissopointed u guys with my sad experience any way it is theruputic for me to share my experience with u guys.wish u all good luck.  
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* Re:step 1 experience
  goldfish - 11/23/06 10:19
  No dan, you don't disappoint us with anything.................we are family. I am glad you are taking step 2 soon. I wish you success in step 2 & beyond.
Thanks for taking the time to letting u know about your experience.
Best wishes.
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* Re:step 1 experience
  new_new2000 - 11/23/06 10:24
you move on really fast. Good for you. Step 1 is over for you, Look forward and GL for the next!
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* Re:step 1 experience
  aorta - 11/23/06 16:02
  hi dear i am also took 1exam 22 nov 2006 but i am not sure what will be happened but u r right they have lot of stupid question but somebody told me if we done 25 to 30 question 100% confidencly thats mean u passed the exam. ok any way good luck for u and happy thanks giving.  
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* Re:step 1 experience
  grace98 - 11/23/06 16:20
  Good luck Dan & Aorta.........i wish you the best  
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* Re:step 1 experience
  luckyalways - 11/23/06 17:52
  good luck..  
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* Re:step 1 experience
  dr_nuri - 11/24/06 11:28
  hey dan how did u find the behavour and ethics q in ur exam...did u take NBME test before??which one..good luck for ur result  
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* Re:step 1 experience
  seattlegal - 11/24/06 14:10
  hello Dan,

that's really quite a spirit. i am also planning to take step 2 before spring. we got to move on... the thing is most takers said that step 1 is a lot tougher than step 2 CK. Some even adviced me to take step 2 first so if just in case i make it and get problems with step 1, then i just have to deal with step 1. thanks for the update... good luck and God bless you.

Grace98, i found out that I saved the CT and MRI's files with Harrison on its filename. Its in pdf format saved in my harddrive. The problem is i dont know how to upload it here.

Dr Bilan,
Our exam date is getting near but i think you are 2 days earlier than I am. The weather forecast said it might snow in the weekends...and the temp is getting lower everyday. I thnk we will have a nasty winter this time. you are taking your exam in the south side right? Might is in th eNorth...I hope it wont snow on those days of our exam.

By the way is the Kaplan immuno notes available here? any kind soul please sent it to me.

Anyway, anyone else in WA state? Maybe it would be nice to get together one of these days...

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* Re:step 1 experience
  mrsjiya - 11/24/06 22:02
  congrtulation plz guide us how to go fast &give exam asap  
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* hard physiology question (muti correct answer ques
  yn28 - 11/24/06 23:36
  Reabsorption of filtrated HCO3-
A. contribute to excretion titratable acid
B. is reduced during respiratory acidsis.
C. is acomplished by net serection of Na
D. is enhanced by carbonic anhydrase.
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* Re:step 1 experience
  bep111 - 11/24/06 23:41
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