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* done my test but............
  alejandroiamado - 11/24/06 12:41
  2 days before i done step 2 ck. I decided to begin with the second one for convenience, coz a friend gave me some books and i didnt had money to buy the step 1 books at that moment. A few months later, I saved some money so, I want to start this another step adventure. Im planing on buy kaplan q bank and UW. Besides it, what book do you recomend me? I know this is the same boring question all the beginers always do but, you all know its neccesary. I was thinking on buy the kaplan notes set, maybe used. Please, any advice...... thank you  
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* Re:done my test but............
  cemmsk - 11/24/06 13:24

you can download the books if you are short of money. some friend have already uploaded kaplan books which are highly recommended for step 1. you can check previous massages.
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* Re:done my test but............
  seattlegal - 11/24/06 14:15
  you won't believe how many kind souls are here in the forum... you can download so many reviewere here... i am so proud of all of you people!!!!! God bless all of us...

Keep on going Alejandro!!
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