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* any body help me plz
  gj026 - 11/25/06 06:00
  im new user to forum ,i failed in step1 , idid everything ,kaplan notes ,qbank ,fa . can any body help me how to study further , i know u people r really good in helping plz help me.................thanx andallthe best to all  
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* Re:any body help me plz
  mengo - 11/25/06 09:51
  Hi gj026, I surely believe that most likely than not we fail exams because our minds are not tuned into answering these questions. My take is that one comprehensive reading followed by as many questions as possible is the right way to go. So if you study one more time prefferably using the same sources and then start practicing questions it will be more usefull. I dont believe that these guys set new questions for every exam, there must be a pool of question or the like some where. SO the more you do the more chances you have and this will also help in your response time. Hope this helps. Does any one out there agree with me?  
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* Re:any body help me plz
  tallu - 11/25/06 11:20
frst of all u have to think that in urself that u gonna do really well
if u r able to convince ur mind that u will do it
the def no1 except the almighty can stop u from doing good in this exam
just be confident
think n analyze where u did wrong n then move on
wats done is now apart of the past
now u have to be extra smart
yes doing qs helps
but dont do qs blindly
do them then go thru explanations
if u hav etime make small note sfr the q banks u do
so that u can revise
qs stik to ur mind even on the exam day

dont do qs only
revise stuff wth qs
dont leave any of those(qs n text)
alone fr too long
u have to take them side by side
plus concentrate on ur weaknessess
they must ve gven u the scor ereport
look that n chk it(i really dont know whether they gve the score sheet or not)
see what were ur weaknesses

n take nbme exams
if u cant take online do the saved ones
rest have faith in ur abilities
u know somewhere in ur mind hat u can def do it
its just not being expressed in ur present memmories
thats it
keep praying n wrk hard
best of luck

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* Re:any body help me plz
  grace98 - 11/25/06 12:27
  i have nothing more to add , i agree with mengo & tallu 200%...............Best wishes.  
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* Re:any body help me plz
  gj026 - 11/25/06 12:40
  thanx tallu ,mengo, grace98...... u guys r really great. i wll try my best this time.........
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* Re:any body help me plz
  asc - 11/25/06 13:49
  tallu & mengo well said !!  
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