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* 10 days to go
  medupch - 12/04/06 17:50
  hey guys, I have ten more days for my test ( cant reschedule anymore) so dec 15th is my day. What should I do last 10 days..please any advise is really helpful I feel devasted...have severe headaches , but need to review so please help me.
any kind soul could upload kaplan simulated late versions please.
guys this forum helped me so much, I m about finishing this trip, and I dont want to forget to say THANKS TO ALL YOUUUUUUUUUU help me my last 10 days.
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* Re:10 days to go
  vijired - 12/04/06 19:02

Try to do 50-100 questions everyday in time mode everyday until your exam. Revise ur notes, FA and your weak areas. I thinnk you will do fine.

Good luck!
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* Re:10 days to go
  medupch - 12/05/06 10:53
  thanks a lot..I m doing it...well I m in the middle of qbank...and sure i m doing FA ...but dont know my weak areas :( ...anyone has kaplan simulated late version?????
thanks a lot vijired, and please do keep me in your prays....
thanks a lot..time is running out and game is gona be over soon.
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* Re:10 days to go
  sharky - 12/05/06 11:01
  Hey medupch,
Here is the link.....dont know which version it is.....tahnks to mchill & cd45.
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* Re:10 days to go
  sharky - 12/05/06 11:04
  sorry ...forgot to mention...the above link is for kap simulated.
Goodluck medupch.
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* which dont pass thru thalamus?
  yani - 12/05/06 11:04
  vision?,taste?,smell?, touch?,hearing?  
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* Re:10 days to go
  success99 - 12/05/06 11:05
  u've studied enough.its time to review fa, kaplan medessentials .go get ur 99  
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* Re:10 days to go
  sharky - 12/05/06 11:06
  smell ??  
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* Re:10 days to go
  medupch - 12/05/06 15:15
  thanks a lot sharky....I really apreciate ur help
well about q yani, answ is smell
take care
and thanks a lot
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* Re:10 days to go
  fssblue - 12/05/06 15:22
  How much are you scoring on the q bank ?  
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* Re:10 days to go
  medupch - 12/05/06 15:25
  sorry but i m doing only kaplan I got from here, so dont know my score :(
I did UW and about 70%..
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