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* just finished
  deric - 12/06/06 15:07
  hi there all my friends

i finished my exam about 5 mins ago

it is very doable like eveyone says and does look alot like NBME

infact i did NBME 3 a few days ago and i saw about 3 of the exact questions

i will post more soon
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* Re:just finished
  mengo - 12/06/06 15:53
  Congs derick. Please take a nap now, looking forward to your detailed experience after your rest.  
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* Re:just finished
  grace98 - 12/06/06 17:03
  congratulations deric. Expecting to hear more. Enjoy the rest of the day........  
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* Re:just finished
  m_l_e_07 - 12/06/06 17:18
  Congrats !!!
May u get your dream score :)
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* Re:just finished
  raidenxp2005 - 12/06/06 17:44
post all u can ..... we need to know

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* Re:just finished
  kyr - 12/06/06 21:23
  good luck, may god help u in acheiving success
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* Re:just finished
  kyr - 12/06/06 21:24
  oops, sorry didnt read the second page, ure done wow, realx.  
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* Re:just finished
  deric - 12/08/06 10:09
  here is some of what i had

Well I always knew that the day would come when I would be posting my experience form this exam

Brachial plexus – arrow pointing to radial nerve and ask what action will be impaired in the hand
Angiogram of the blood vessels in the brain, points to the anterior cerebral artery and ask what action would be impaired if occluded
CT of the chest asked to identify superior vena cava

Identical question in nbme 3
Picture of large stone in the kidney and ask what microbe may have contributed
Boy complains of abdominal pain only when he has to go to school , all labs are normal -- what type of disorder
Treatment of CMV

Graph of two drugs that act synergistically, identify the synergistic curve
Girl with imperferate hymen and endometriosis -- what is the cause of the endometriosis

Pedigree with family members being affected at an earlier age -- anticipation

Second messenger system for insulin

Effects of calcium channel blockers on nodal tissue – did not say nodal tissue, just showed the type of action potential

Man with cirrhosis and mental status changes – what compound is responsible

Woman wants to start HRT – what is the major adverse effect

Patient requires methotrexate therapy -- what test should be done before

Lung volumes calculations

CGM – what is deficient

Symptoms of brutons disease, what is the biochemical effect

Chld takes large amounts of warfarin – first line of treatment in severe bleeding

Young girl with symptoms of ectopic pregnancy – what organism contributed to ectopic pregnancy

Differentiate between types of gram positive cocci

Where in the cell is thyroid hormone produced

Specific molecular effect of mutation in tumor suppressor gene

Why only small portion of population have CF

Many patient/physician responses

Schematic of the production of catecholamine in the cell – asked which part is affected by drug used for HTN and prostatic hypertrophy --- had alpha receptor on the post synaptic terminal

Patient with myasthenia gravis – asked to identify the effect on action potential in the muscle

Man with proteinuria and RBC in urine -- which part of the nephron is damaged

man with severe vomiting now has crunching sound on inspiration – what is the cause

patient with severe HTN what is the effect on the kidneys

many questions on osteoporosis

best method of decreasing the effects of topical corticosteroids

organophosphate poisoning – after atropine what else can be given

MRI of sinuses with accumulation of fluid -- diagnosis
Nerve in knee jerk reflex

Symptoms of carpel tunnel syn – what nerve involved


Picture of Tetrology of fallot

Girl with symptoms of turner syn -- what is the cause of the heart murmur

Question of psoriasis

Best nerve to block in tooth extraction

Vit B12 deficincy

Drug to wake up pt with chlorazepam overdose

Best method of testing the strength of the quadricepts

Lots of slides – multiple myeloma,

How to treat child that is afraid of using the washroom at school

Primary biliary cirrhosis

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* Re:just finished
  deric - 12/08/06 10:10
  more later  
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