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* to usmlenew1
  dolly123 - 12/07/06 09:27
  hi...with ref to the remember pharma post are these distilled from the 'exam experiences'?
i know i sound very demanding , but do u have similar ones for other subjects?
thanks in advance..
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 09:54
  yes,they are exam exp ,specially from this site and some from other places, i sent all of that here

but now i separated them in diff subjects,and you can match them with new exam exp and see how it is helpful

i read kaplan many times and did q bank ,but every time i saw new exam exp ,i see new the best way is reading kaplan doing Q bank and FA & goljan and the most important thing reading exam exp ,bcuz i know you know subjects but when they ask you
to show that in this slide ot in this blood smear or in this CT scan ,it will be dif
so doing all of that is good,and remember make some notes ,cuz this is note that will help you for final day,i will send more when i finish new subject now i am working on pathology to extract them.GOD be with you

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* Re:to usmlenew1
  sriya - 12/07/06 11:19
  Thanks a lot ,you have done a great job by helping all the forum memmbers,God bless you  
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 13:16
  thank you ,sriya .and really GOD is the only help before and after your sudying  
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 13:17
  dolly123 ,by the way never forget NBME specially its slides

and i saw that you are very active in step2 section,great job.i apprciate your work too
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  dolly123 - 12/07/06 19:50
  hi usmlenew1...thanks
but what are nbme slides? can you give more detail ..or the link to them ...i thought i would have all the resources by now, but step 1 is more compilcated that n 2ck
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 20:27
  dear dolly123,i just meant pics are in NBME forms they really come in to real exam

another thing you can do just as a trick if you like to have a selection of pics or slides or diagrams you can do this

open any pic or slide or diagram or chart then fit it in a page i mean like pdf file you can zoom in or out then use print screen then open your microsft word or microsoft power point then paste it there after that you can have a selection of what you like for last day to look
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 20:39
dear dolly123

this is a sample of what i said you can make by yourself too

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* Re:to usmlenew1
  dolly123 - 12/07/06 20:58
  gotcha..never thought of doing that...i suuuuure have along way to go....:-(

another favor to ask if u have them...or anyone reading this post ..does anyone have link to the rapid review series...i have the path and usmle step 1 books ( actual hard coppies)..looking for the pharm/micro/biochem/immuno or even the CDs with qs that come with them....i downloaded a link that was s'posed to be it..but it was the program on the cd and it does not run...any advice /suggestions?
thanks usmlenew1, grace and aaaaaaaaaall you helpful people out there...god bless you all !!!!!
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* Re:to usmlenew1
  drcoolmd - 12/08/06 05:21
  Dear dolly123:
can you upload the "rapid review pathology" CD if you have it?
the new book DO NOT come with the CD.

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* Re:to usmlenew1
  dolly123 - 12/08/06 08:35
  drcoolmd...i do not have the cd either..just the hard copies( ie real books) that i bought from ebay.sorry, wish i could be more helpful.
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