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* Rumor--please confirm
  anes - 12/07/06 16:23
  hi there,

i have heard this rumor that IMG's who graduated 10 years ago or more will NOT be allowed to sit for USMLE in future.
Any thoughts????????????
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  aklilu - 12/07/06 16:44
  What is your source?  
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  anes - 12/07/06 16:53
  someone who is an old img preaparing for the exam in california.has anyone else heard such a thing or is it just a rumor??? according to this img the rumors for audio/viseo parts in the summer 2007 exam and this other rumor were spread together and video one has been proved right.
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  mengo - 12/07/06 20:36
  hey anes- have you figured out how much time you have wasted by listening to each rumour that is out there? I would rather you face you struggle head on and explain the rest when you are on a higher ground. Usually measures like these have to be official for a time, what i mean is that they anounce and give enough time for people aready in the process to go through. So in this case its better you get started. You have to consider that there is a sydrome of subottage in old imgs, many especially those who tried and failed hip up all kinds of reasons to discourage every one else. So put your best foot out, you might end up walking on the water.  
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  aklilu - 12/07/06 20:59
  Thank you mengo, I absolutly agree with you. Probably I am one of the oldest imgs in this forum, ECFMG has just completed processing my application and issued me my validity paper then I have registerd for part I. No one told me I am more than 10 years since graduation or alluded me they will do so in the future. My message to my friend anes is that what matters is not when you become a registered physician in the US, what matters is how long you live and work. If you are an old img perturbed by the depth and length of the USMLE exan and road to registration, please realize it is never more difficult than the exams you had to pass in life which may include the exams at home. Sotop such counterproductive rumers and fight with the symdroms, names, bodies, enzymes, genetic loci and etc.

My friend gird up your waist and proceed.
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  yelito61 - 12/08/06 01:12
  Oh guys I hope that only be a rumor. I'm very old IMG( 20 years).  
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* nbme needed plsssssssss
  dr_franchise - 12/08/06 01:47
  can anyone plz post link to nbme plzz  
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  leschnyhan - 12/08/06 08:51
  Hey guys,

Do not listen to this bull...t rumors. You know what? I graduated more than 10 y ago.
Got my registration completed with ECFMG and going to sit for exam in March, 2007.
Remember in USA age is not a barrier as long as you like to play.
You do not stop playing because you grow old, but you grow old when yopu stop playing.
As Aklilu correctly pointed out, do not waste your energy dwelling on these counterproductive things. GL
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  kabiraj - 12/08/06 09:27
  i 'm a very old IMG too...... the very idea of keeping out the old IMGs off the race is tantamount to a discrimination by age, which is contrary to the constitutional principles and human rights in US. I firmly hope that anything like that not gonna happen! My request to the fellow folks of this forum is not to circulate anything which is without foundation and has no solid documentary evidence...this unnecessarily causes annoyance, dissapoinment and stress! Let us help consolidate ourselves to proceed to our desired goal. God willing, we all will succeed.  
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  roger - 12/08/06 09:41
  I totally agree w mengo ,shame on you anes....keep this rumor w/ you.....Like mengo said ecfmg would take a time untill those things can happening,that of course will never happen for part of ecfmg!!in this country you 're free to come and go if you follow the rules and the rules in this case is not have any kind of discrimination towards nobody!!!!
get a life Anes i'm angry w/ you,SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#$#$#$#@##!#$#$
And for everybody we gone make it,just have paciente and believe in yourself.......
ANES @#@###@#..get a life......
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* Re:Rumor--please confirm
  vijired - 12/08/06 10:07
  Oh ....oh.....Looks like somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
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