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* goljan images
  numita - 12/07/06 18:31
  can please someone post the link of the images to b done from robbins by goljan i ll b very grateful please make it fast as if i have my exam coming up  
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* Re:goljan images
  grace98 - 12/07/06 19:20
  If you had read your previous post, it would save you & us some time. Also please use the search option.

Time is precious to all of us, those who are studying as well as those appearing for the exam. thanks for understanding. Best wishes.
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* Re:goljan images
  goldfish - 12/07/06 20:48
  i agree with Grace, sometimes before you put out a request, please take time to see your previous posts...........that shouldn't be so hard to do.

Also the search option is extremely useful, when you cannot use it ,how do you expect someone else to spend the time for you ............we are family & we are taken for granted sometimes, if you do so, you stand to lose the relationship.

time is money for all of us regardless of whether studying or appearing for the exam.

Thanks & best wishes.
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