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* Asking your advice?
  anosanos - 12/07/06 19:06
  Please our forum, I would like to take your help:
-My exam is due within 3 weeks.
-Uptill now:
* I just finished about 40 % of usmlewrold Q bank, and
* still have to take a review over Behavoral Science, Pharam and Micro from kaplan.
* read some parts of First Aid.

-What is your suggestion?:
*Do you recommend me to continue reviewing the remaining stuff at first, or
*going for the Q bank?

Regards, wishing you and me the best.
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* Re:Asking your advice?
  goldfish - 12/07/06 20:42
  it is your choice, if you are thorough with concepts, go ahead with Q bank. i would suggest
1 week of intensive Q bank, 2 weeks for review.

Best wishes .
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* Re:Asking your advice?
  usmlenew1 - 12/07/06 20:53
  i had the same problem so i stoped doing uw.its about 1600 q depends on your speed it takes between 8-16 days or more so as i was doing 100 q a day so really i didnt have enough time so i started to read kaplan and review them and making my notes ifffffffffffff
i find enough time then i go for uw and if i dont i suggest just read q and asnwers very fast
always the best way is do less but complete ,not from each subject take something and at the end you see you have nothing
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* Re:Asking your advice?
  anosanos - 12/08/06 01:16
  Thanks goldfish and usmlenew1 for your kind support.
Best of luck in your exam; as well as for mine.
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