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* high yeild usmle according to exp. posted by dolly
  masterdoc - 11/04/06 00:20
Endo....hypothyroidism. Management of thyroid nodule,Siadh and diabetes insipidus was tested in many different ways
Juvenile hypothyroidism,cushings,DM, DI, Female hormonal changes etc
Gastro- diarrhea, divert, and liver, lots jaundice- be prepared to differentiate JAUNDICE, yellow people everywherepancreatitits and diverticulitis
Preventive medicine was tested a lot.preventive medicine in young and elderly
Ards and drowning all sorts of things.

Eating disorders - another USMLE favorite. Know that amenorrhea is required for diagnosis of anorexia nervosa
cardio( ischemic dis, 3 EKG, some valve and congenital heart
immunolgy eevrything

Neurology ...myasthenia...gullain barrie..confused, dizzi or with dementia..localizing where the lesion is.

Respiratory and cardio check sob thoroughly copd, DyspneaECG: TORSADES DE POINTES WAS asked in ECG but reffered as POLYMORHPIC ventricular syndrome
WPW syndrome was asked in ECG : i was unable to get it but in stem read word SLURRED so got it instantly

rheumatolgy was there to bug you as pt had spinal problem

infectious all
opthalmo (glau, retinopathy, loss of vision), lots of infection diseases

renal regarding ATN vs prerenal failure, so study very well FeNa, Cr/BUN ratio, Na excretion. Also AG, lots pt with hypercapnia and hypoxemia.Nephro- lots DI, drug renal damage

Neuro- lots dementia and infectionsBRAIN MRI and pesudo cerbri was there too
EYE:MAN WAS READING NEWSPAPER ON STREET .in short answer was corneal abrasion

NUTRITION : many questions and most were tricky
fungus and immuno supresion plus hiv cd4 counts
kaposi question: is it avid for galium or thalium
CML ---------------iMatinib,CLL ---------------chLorambucil and prednisone,Hair cell Leu------cladribine,AML (M3)----------all-trans-retinoic acid,NHL----------------CHOPone more change -
CLL-fludarabine +rituximab-better survival rates and low toxicity.
rituximab-Ab against B cell CD20:-)
CLL doc is - Fludarabine


Gynecological endocrinology - amenorrhea, infertility, polycystic ovarian disease.
Breasts were heavily tested cyst, nodule, what to do next
Bleeding,,,,,,,,,,some two or 3 gynecol, most are ,,,etc
ectopic or ovarian torsion were very confusing, coz it can be also appendiciti manage labor,STD(few questions),some question how to pervent pregnancy in young
age! ...


easiest one, diarrhea, pneumonia, vaccination
diabetes,htn,dibetes insipidius,siadh,contrast nephropathy,drug interactions(many many) in pediatrics many qustions from normal growthmotor development,ADHD,enuresis,encopresis,apgar


traumaaaaa,everyone on 2-7 day POP with SOB,confusion check surgery-hernias, ercp, acute abdomen, trauma, billiary tract q, jaundice


schizophrenia...Be prepared for that ...I had one question where a guy on resperidone was having a lot of akithesia ...I got confused in that one cause I though risperdone had very litlle extrapyramidal side effects....But rest were doable... May ethics questions.

SCHYZOPHRENIA, AND MOOD DISORDER, all kinds of anxiety , treatment and DRUGS SIDE EFFECTS.
DRUG T/M for psychaitry : too many questins and pateint had either epiliespy or some other problem so it was hard to make immediate choice

heat stroke ADHD , OCD, Tourette’s, GAD, bipolar, seizures, essential tremor, Diabetic neuropathy, Delirium tremens
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* Re:high yeild usmle according to exp. posted by do
  dolly123 - 11/04/06 08:58
  thanks for making sense of all this!  
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