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* Tx of RA
  boggart - 11/04/06 12:24
2. Corticosteroids

Is this the correct order, according to Kaplan but I thought steroids would be after DMARDS.

Anyone agree/disagree?
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* Re:Tx of RA
  prunebelly - 11/04/06 13:26
  not sure I have the same confusion, however in clincal practice to patients In the usa/canada they give nsaids and then steroids and later dmards. Well that's what i've seen.

My QUERY OA drug of choice is tylenol (acetetominophen) or NSAID'S....sorry for confusing u further :)
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* Re:Tx of RA
  ajeet - 11/04/06 15:42
  All patients with clinically active RA should be started on DMARD. Most patients will initially require NSAID for symptomatic control as DMARD take 4-6 weeks for full action. Steroids can be used initially if symptoms are too debilitating or later if patient has symptoms even with adequate doses of DMARD. Every effort should be made to discontinue or to scale down steroids to minimum possible dose once inflammation is controlled. DMARD have steroid sparing effect.

All patients with OA should started on Tylenol and NSAID only added if pain is not adequately controlled by tylenol.
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