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* SSSS and impetigo
  chintoo - 11/04/06 13:03
  how to differentiate between these two.
Thanks in advance
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  chintoo - 11/04/06 21:08
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  ajeet - 11/04/06 23:20
  SSSS is usually diffuse, associated with sytemic features and question stem will tell u regarding tampon or nasal pack.
Impetigo is localised and usually not associated with systemic toxicity
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  acemac - 11/05/06 10:47
  yes, impetigo is a localized infection with the honey colored crust buzzword

SSSS is diffuse with skin sloughing, and septic signs and symptoms
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  strong36 - 12/31/08 11:06
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  elbamaritza - 12/31/08 11:51

1rash that is desquamative on hands and feet with hypotension...TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME (KAPLAN NOTES)

2malar rash and joint pain an plaquetopenia (SLE - UWORLD)

3rash spreads centripetall and invove palms and soles with fever( ROCKY MOUNTAIN-KAPLAN)

4malar rash and murmur ( MITRAL STENOSIS - U WORLD)

5petequial or purpuric rash with polyarticular compromise usually knee involved and fever ( COULD BE SEVERAL THING...KNEE INVOLVMENT THINK IN GONORREA ARTHRITIS)

6rash ( kind of flushing face) + telangectais+ papules and pustules ( ROSACEA)

7sudden onset of eritematose rash with target lession usually follows an infection of herpes(ERITEMA MULTIFORME MINOR..U.W.)

same CLINICAL PICTURE AS BEFORE PLUS mucocutaneous lessions and general symptoms as sezures, hypotension (STEVEN JHONSON OR ERYTEMAMULTIFORME MAJOR)

9 rash in a teen with acne ( TETRACYCLINES AND SUN EXPOSURE. U.W.)

10 rash pruritic in legs after camping in streak pattern. ( POISON IVY. HYPERSENSIBILITY TYPE 4)

11sand paper rash (SCARLET)

12 maculopapular rash with lymp nodes in back of the neck(RUBELLA, CERVICALPOSTERIOR LIMPH NODES INVOLVEMENT) kaplan source.
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* Re:SSSS and impetigo
  orthop - 12/31/08 12:19
  hi elba,
we learnt sometime back that u had an accident.
how r u & yr family.
I hope everything is fine.
nice to see u back in action
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