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* USMLE confused
  luciecr - 11/04/06 19:34
  Hi everybody. I was just wondering if any of you could explain to me which steps need to be done by the time of application for a residency.

When is the deadline to finish the steps in order to start residency in 2008. Really confused about all this. I am an IMG currently working as F2 in the UK.

I was planning to submit step 2 result around october07 and finish step 1 and CS by jan-feb2008. Is this crazy?
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* Re:USMLE confused
  mubs - 07/10/07 17:16
  hi, evn i am planning for the same. hv u already started wth it?  
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* Re:USMLE confused
  virtuoso_pianist - 07/10/07 20:12
  Yes, it's impossible. You have to take CS by December at the latest. CS results come out in 3 months. If you take it in January or February, your results will arrive after the match. And the last time I checked, earliest available dates for CS are in January already. There are occasional openings due to cancellations, but they are within 2-5 days of the present date. Good luck.  
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