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* rights of a minor/unborn
  dolly123 - 11/05/06 13:04
  unborn child /fetus is essentially a part of the mother until the umb cord is clamped and cut. The mothers decison will supersede all health concerns/life or death issues of the fetus.

this is also true even if birthing the baby in a way C/I by clinical opinion will result in ts probable death. (even husbands opinion is non essential)
If mother is incompetent /unconcious, next of kin decision or mother's known wishes are relevant

emanicipated minors do not need parental permission for healthcare/std tt/contraceptives/abortion/neonatal care
emancipated minors are kids over 13 who are financially independant/pregnant/in the military/???
most states have a limit of 13 or 14.

if child is in life threatening condition and parents refuse tt/transfusion doc can still give it, and deal with ethical/legal issues later

if non life threatening doc can get court order and appeal for tt to be given

immunization being refused by parents cannot be enforced againt their will but be docmented as being refused inspite of benefits being explained to them

child suffering from contaminating ds , has to be ttd regardless of objecctions of parents
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* Re:rights of a minor/unborn
  dolly123 - 11/05/06 13:05
  please add more cases u come across that reflect on how a c/o a minor needing tt will be approached from ethical/rights point of view
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