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* to doc foofoo
  sheena2005 - 11/08/06 18:27
  in answer to this question..

3. Over the past 4 years, a 40-year-old woman has
had increasing
episodes of loss of urine and difficulty emptying her
bladder. She has
had no dysuria. She has a 30-year history of type 1
diabetes mellitus.
She weighs 66 kg (145 lb) and is 175 cm (69 in) tall.
examination shows a moderate cystocele. Postvoiding
catheterization yields 700
mL of clear urine. Which of the following is the most
likely cause of
the patient's genitourinary symptoms?

) Carcinoma of the bladder

) Detrusor instability

) Neurogenic bladder

) Urethral diverticulum

) Uterine prolapse

u chosed neurogenic bladder and why not uterine prolapse when the patient has a clear cystocele and history of urine loss.
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* Re:to doc foofoo
  sheena2005 - 11/08/06 18:34
  and also this can u eplain this question too. i could not understand the symptom relation ship with decreased gluconeogenis.

A 2-month-old boy is brought to the physician because
of a 6-week
history of persistent diarrhea and vomiting, most
pronounced after formula
feedings. He has had a 113-g (4-oz) weight loss since
birth. He
currently weighs 3100 g (6 lb 13 oz) and is 51 cm (20
in) in length. He
appears irritable. Examination shows jaundice. The
lungs are clear to
auscultation. No murmurs are heard. The liver is
palpated 2 to 3 cm
below the right costal margin, and the spleen is
palpated 1 to 2 cm below
the left costal margin. Laboratory studies show:

Glucose 35 mg/dL
Bilirubin (total) 2.3 mg/dL
Glucose negative
Reducing substances 3+

Which of the following is the most likely mechanism of
these findings?

) Decreased gluconeogenesis

) Decreased insulin secretion

) Increased glucagon secretion

) Increased gluconeogenesis

) Increased insulin secretion

) Insulin resistance

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* Re:to doc foofoo
  docfoofoo - 11/09/06 23:20
  for the first one i chose neurogenic bladder due to her obvious history of DM....although I am not sure if I am right.
for the second one i picked dec gluconeogenesis because obviously the liver is involved and the patient is plus look at the glucose levels
can you explain ur choices.....i might be wrong sheens!
thanks =)
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