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* Had exam yesterday....
  pamiboy - 11/10/06 10:43
  Devastated...... would be how I'd describe it.
Almost all questions were long and difficult. I barely got enough time to complete everything. Believe me..NBME is nothing like the actual exam....... good luck for all of you.
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  oxygen - 11/10/06 11:44
  I had the same feelings.:-(

Keep our figures crossed.
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  revankar - 11/10/06 11:46
  all the best for u---
but tel me--- how is it different from nbme-- good/worse
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  hope00 - 11/10/06 11:47
  good luck
please give us some detalis.
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  dolly123 - 11/10/06 11:57
  good luck to all of you...

so confusing , one hears of such different exam experiences..lets hope we all pass..!!
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  sith - 11/10/06 12:13
  hey...i am not letting you guys off that cant just freak us out like this....tell us more!!!!!!!!!and that goes for you too oxygen,,,
if u cant post it my email is
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  cjay - 11/10/06 14:01
  that's right. Plz point us in some direction - we don't need the actual exam questions but something ----- that will help "us" to understand what'd be the "next best step" in step 2 CK mgmt LOL  
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  ben - 11/10/06 14:46
  you basically have to know your info at least 80%, I think. I also took the exam prev and agree w/ them nbme had 82% form 3 and I failed. They also ask a lot of pathophysio questions and the distribution of the peds, obs , surg varies w/ IM being 50%.  
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  pamiboy - 11/12/06 08:11
  my apologies.....I was out for 2 days .... to freak out of this misery ...
Actual exam is definitely tougher than NBME most questions are vague, long & drawn. some were about one page full. It would take more than a minute for me to understand these. In comparison most NBME questions were 2-3 lines only. I know this isn't true for everyone as my study patner got quite short questions and had almost 10-15 minutes to spare for each block. ...... I wish I had those set of questions.....!!!

About 5-6 questions per block completely caught me off guarded and I had to simply guess.
OBG questions keep coming with regular frequency ( about one out of 4-5 questions were OBG). Please study menstrual physiology and pathology thoroughly as these are heavily tested in the exam. Surgery questions were infrequent and basically trauma and peri-operative, orthopedic questions < 10 in whole exam. I had a lot of neurology & psychiatry questions with adverse effect of medications..... quite confusing at times. Some questions bordered on step 1 type.... eg: neuotransmitters involved in psychiatric illness and mechanism of action of psychiatric drugs.

Didn't get as many cardio-resp questions as much as I expected. I had about 2-3 questions about sickle cell disease .... once the exam starts, time passes quite quickly. I had to change my strategy of going through all questions in their order. I actually left some large questions incomplete before coming back to them in the end. I helped to reduce my tension.

Wishing all of you good luck ....and the easiest set of questions.....!!!!!!!
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  boltman - 11/12/06 16:25
  i had exam on wensday.only 2 to 3 Qs in each block is mor than 6 lines.donot worry about exam just study and do Qs on time.
good luke
(do not listen to such this people)
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* Re:Had exam yesterday....
  pamiboy - 11/13/06 06:30
  Dear bolt,

I just wanted to point out how the exam went for me. I didn't make any generalisations and I also appreciate that there are set of questions which are very short.....(which my study partner got...). If any of you guys got offended / depressed that was not my intention.... my apologies.
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