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* Prepubertal Child
  ben - 11/12/06 18:15
  Are you allowed to do a Plevic Exam??  
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* Re:Prepubertal Child
  roger - 11/12/06 22:03
  For many reasons including the recent increase in the reporting of sexual abuse, more physicians are being asked to perform genital examinations on prepubertal girls. Recent studies have clarified the appearance of structures in this area in nonabused children and demonstrated both acute and chronic changes that may result from trauma.
Alternative positions for the examination can be implemented to provide a thorough exam if the child is exceedingly anxious (Fig. 6A,B). The child can remain on the mother's lap while she sits in a chair, with the mother assisting in helping the child into a frog-legged position as illustrated. Another means is having the mother sit on the examination table in a semi-reclined position with her feet in the stirrups and have the child's legs straddle her thighs.[6] With gentle separation of the labia and having the child cough or take deep breaths the vaginal introitus will open substantially; if not, the labia can be pulled gently toward the examiner and then laterally.[6] Young children who are not overly anxious may cooperate and get into a knee-chest position, allowing the health care provider to apply gentle traction on the labia by separating them with the hymen opening and allowing visual assessment of the lower third of the vagina. Under no circumstances should a child be physically restrained or forced to undergo an examination, as this is traumatic and usually nonproductive.

hey ben Good lucky!!!
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* Re:Prepubertal Child
  ben - 11/13/06 10:39
  thks roger and good luck to you on scores!!  
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