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* recieved my score.....
  roger - 11/13/06 17:53
just got my mail....
i'm so happy because i can move on me was a great score because i did my best and that is the most important for me!
My study experience inclued Uw the best learning tool to 2ck.did twice tutor mode and read my notes before my exam.
Q- book is good book average 75%.
Pre test clinical test average 76%(don't waist your time w/ pre test)
Q-bank average-68-70%
usmle cd-41,39,38.
I also used FA,crush,some nms questions, and a good book name Boards and wards!!
And about Nbme:i think is the best test to access your studies!
i started to do some Nbme questions here in this forum but after some questions i stoped because i needed something to see how i was going...nothing against w people who put the questions here just an option that i did for my studies...
Nbme form 1-550
nbme form 2-510
no form 3,i think i was to confident w/ those 2 forms ,because this exam is about confidence....
Do a lot of questions,here this forum helps a lot!!
And like the last exam experience that i read here everybody complain about psychiatry,well i had lower to boderline performance than my advice study psy....
good lucky to all,i go move on to step 1 forum!!!!!
Gl all
my exam experience is here:
And Oasis trick works!
Good lucky!!
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  malak - 11/13/06 18:36
  congrat and best wishes  
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  nida - 11/13/06 18:40
  Congrats! GL for the next.  
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  wellsfargo - 11/13/06 18:46
  GOOD LUCK!!!  
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  mona - 11/13/06 19:07
which one is more beneficial for exams : crush or B&W. i m confused b/w these 2.if i opt for crush , is there any section i should do from B&W too
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  cjay - 11/13/06 19:24
  i think B&W is a great book. But, for step 2 CK, I think you can't rely on one book - I m using Step Up and B&W both. GL  
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  catzung - 11/13/06 21:19
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  step123cs - 11/14/06 01:22
  congrats roger.... gud luck 4 ur match  
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  roger - 11/14/06 08:47
  tks everybody!
To mona;i think crush is a good book just for the last week review,i can tell the best and easy topic is genetic(Chapter 14)is a must!!because is easy and short and i had 2 questions on the exam about it, if you can afford,why not?B&W is a good book also,i used w/ FA.
my opinion :do a lot of questions,and again study psy,because my lowest point was psy as i said!(lower to almost boderline performance)i guess that was my weak point!!
GL to all.
Don't give up!!! I finished my medical school in my country in 99,and finished my residence there in 2003-2004! we can beat this test!!!
Gl and BELIEVE in yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!time to move on my friends.....
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  roger - 11/14/06 08:58
  and almost forgot this site help me a lot(e-medicine),specially for question on the forum:
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* Re:recieved my score.....
  sammy06 - 11/14/06 12:52
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