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* depress about exam please help
  usmlemd2006 - 11/17/06 08:41
  hello to ben, sarah usmle20, or anone else please help me, i just checked oasis update, and i tried to apply for the exam again, and it let me reapply for the exam, i have failed my exam, and i have worked so hard, i don't know what to do, or how to study anymore, please someone help me, guide me, i don't feel like studying again, i don't know where i went wrong, please help me i feel bad and down, i feel like i am a failure  
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* Re:depress about exam please help
  docfoofoo - 11/17/06 08:58
  Dont worry usmlemd2006........u did the best you have faith in that...take a couple of days off to regear and then get back to the books. The fact that you have lasted thru medical school is a testament to your dedication in this is just an exam. You are going to be just fine. I have a friend who flunked this thing twice....and he still got residency in the area that he wanted. so trust are going to be fine as well.
good luck and if there is anything I can help with in terms of prep......please dont hesitate to ask
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* Re:depress about exam please help
  sith - 11/17/06 09:03
  yes buddy...failure is a temporary state its giving up that makes it permanent!!!!and until this forum is here and we are here.........we will never ever let you give up!!!  
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* Re:depress about exam please help
  usmlemd2006 - 11/17/06 09:12
  thanks sith and docfoofoo for your moral support, i can't help myself, i am just crying and i had so many plans now i will not be able to get into residency next year, i don't know what to do anymore please guide me, my email address is, please help me  
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* Re:depress about exam please help
  pamiboy - 11/17/06 11:33
  Don't be depressed toooo early...

OASIS test is not 100% perfect.....

There is still a chance that you might have pulled it off......

Keep your fingers crossed till then....I know it's hard .....but our prayers are with you...GL.
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