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  malak - 11/17/06 13:03
1. Whenever you use niacin you should monitor liver function and plasma glucose carefully.

2. When do you use niacin? When a patient cannot tolerate statins and also it's the best choice for raising HDL.

3. An angiogram is not necessary in the management of ischemic mucosal colitis. Ischemic colitis is diagnosed by colonoscopy. Patchy depigmented areas confirm mucosal ischemia, which is managed by intravenous fluids and bowel rest.

4. Abdominal pain in an elderly patient associated with bloody diarrhea and hypotension should arouse the suspicion of ischemic bowel.. A classical appearance on the flexible sigmoidoscopy of green mucosa and isolated depigmented patches are suggestive of ischemic colitis. These patients should initially be adequately hydrated and put on bowel rest.

5. White cells generally indicate active inflammation. The presence of leukocytes in a stool sample would be highly suggestive of IBD.

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