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* psych 9
  cjay - 11/24/06 18:12
  A 52-year-old veteran with a history of seizure disorder secondary to head injury during the war comes to the office because of a depressed mood for the past few months. He has had multiple financial and family stressors during this time. He had an episode of severe depression 10 years ago that required a short inpatient hospitalization, but he has felt fine in the meantime. He seems anhedonic, slow, and anergic. He has difficulties concentrating and many questions during the interview need to be repeated. He speaks in soft voice and gives short answers. He is not suicidal but would not care if he did not wake up one morning. He has no psychotic symptoms, but his wife states that he has lost his appetite and a significant amount of weight. He has trouble sleeping and feels tired even though he is not doing anything. Given his prior medical history, which of the following antidepressants is contraindicated?

A. Bupropion
B. Buspirone
C. Fluoxetine
D. Mirtazapine
E. Sertraline
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* Re:psych 9
  malak - 11/24/06 18:14
  A. Bupropion  
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* Re:psych 9
  zosima - 11/24/06 18:58
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* Re:psych 9
  cjay - 11/24/06 19:00
  rt (A)  
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