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* lookin for somebody
  sbat - 11/01/06 00:05
  anybody lookin for someone to study with?
well, you found it.
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  ginbook - 06/26/08 12:19
  Looking for partner to practice in Atlanta from july 10th to 13th.Please me know my  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  taikpo - 09/04/08 23:13
  My CS exam is in Jan 2009. I want to practice in Dec and I 'm living in Chicago downtown.

Anyone who are interested, pls contact me at

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* Re:lookin for somebody
  bansrao - 10/10/08 12:09
r u looking for study partner for cs
i can be ur partner for online studies
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  dongshan2007 - 11/30/08 22:21
Can email your Houston cases? my email address:

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* Re:lookin for somebody
  sjoubeh - 11/30/08 22:54
  i need a female study partner in n.virginia, D.C area!  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  drgg - 12/01/08 11:33
  Hi abari
iam in TN and my exam is on feb 6th. mail me if u r interested. (
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  franklinsalam - 12/01/08 14:30
  am a female IFG ,residing in charlotte, my cs at the end of january,looking for a female partner from charlotte to practice in a life not on line. u can contact me at  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  ssv7 - 12/01/08 17:48
  hi female from india.. looking for a study partner in nj.. cs in feb. practise on phone/live  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  elbamaritza - 12/01/08 21:38
  How are you today? (there are NO innocent questions)

Do you have any questions? (yes...)

Tell me about yourself.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why are you interested in this specialty? (#1 question asked)

What other specialties did you consider?

Why are you interested in our program?

What are you looking for in a program? Where else have you interviewed?

Why should we choose you? What can you contribute to our program?

How well do you feel you were trained to start as an intern?

Describe your learning style.

Tell me about... item(s) on your CV or transcript, past experience, time off, etc.?

Can you tell me about this deficiency on your record? (do not discuss if you are not asked)

What do you see yourself doing in five (ten) years?

What do you think about...the current and future state of healthcare, this specialty, etc.?

What do you do in your spare time?

Present an interesting case that you had... as if you were in clinic.

Tell me about a patient encounter that taught you something.

What would you do if you knew one of your more senior residents was doing something wrong? (filling out H&P's without doing the evaluations, tying someone's tubes without consent...and other ethical questions.)

Which types of patients do you work with most effectively? (least effectively?)

How do you make important decisions?

If you could no longer be a physician, what career would you choose?

How do you normally handle conflict? Pressure?

What to do think about what is happening in...? (non-medical current event questions)

Teach me something non-medical in five minutes.

Tell me a joke. (keep it simple and tasteful)

What if you do not match?

Can you think of anything else you would like to add? (yes...)

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* Re:lookin for somebody
  drcolom - 12/01/08 22:48
  u find ur partner, my e-mail is, or my skype id is drcshop, contact me and me can set the the time to practice.  
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