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* lookin for somebody
  sbat - 11/01/06 00:05
  anybody lookin for someone to study with?
well, you found it.
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  umee - 11/03/06 12:45
  iam interested cometct me at
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  nimy - 12/07/06 22:39
  i m an asian female, residing in rolling fork mississipi.My CS is on Feb.21.I need a female partner for CS prep.  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  augmentin - 12/08/06 14:30
  hi nimy,

i am female from india.wud u like to study together.i have exam in feb.well if intersted my mail id is stay in u wnat to discuss on phone?how is it going to work?let me know.
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* Re:lookin for somebody to prepare for csa
  smartrathi - 12/14/06 06:26
  any one preparing for csa in islamabad pakistan,
contact at
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  tracychang - 12/14/06 06:45
  hi nimy,or any one who wish
you can discuss for case on skype or phone.or prepare the cases personally.when your exam date.where you live.i live in date is end of feb.u can contact me on
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  1979 - 12/17/06 03:32
im planning to take the CS on the nexxxxt april ,and i want some body to prepare with at libya.
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  zema - 04/09/07 16:20
  i wanna somebody to study with me i live in atlantic city nj  
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* Re:lookin for somebody
  cerebrum - 04/09/07 23:05
  hi, anyone in Fortworth/Arlington who wants to study with me in May?  
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* hi how is chichago centre for IMG's ,is there
  jpmc - 07/08/07 22:03
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* What should I write
  fouzia - 11/28/07 22:36
  I had a cs exam today at Chicago centre.Proctor knocked my door in two cases because I was unable to finish.I tried to complete my sentence.after finishing of exam,proctor give me a paper to write incidence report now or write on it and then mail it.
I am worried has it happened to anyone AND what should I write.
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