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* books for csa?
  augmentin - 11/13/06 11:21

i am planning to strat reading for cs,plz suggest some books what to read?and how much time wud it take for preparation?
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* Re:books for csa?
  ivil - 11/13/06 18:20
  first aid.. usmleworld  
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* Re:books for csa?
  kajol - 11/14/06 12:46
  I agree w/ivil, FA is a had almost all of the cases I got...UW is really good as well, it helps u to brush up & to become familiar with the questions that a pt could ask u & what u should also know to ask, more detail that FA.  
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* Re:books for csa?
  kajol - 11/14/06 12:47
  sorry *than* FA (not that)  
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* Re:books for csa?
  augmentin - 11/17/06 07:48
  thank u for the reply ivil and how long it wud take for me to read for this exam?i am planing to come to US at the end of thiss month,so can i get a study partner after i get to US?i am planning to stay in NY  
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* Re:books for csa?
  jcarthy - 11/17/06 08:07
  Hi Kajol:
I was wondering if you could give me info about usmleworld CS. I have absolutely no idea, is it a set of questions like that of step 1, 2, or 3? Or, is it a book? I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!
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