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* Hand Shake
  desperado13 - 12/05/06 03:44
  hi everybody,

i took cs yesterday. i did not shake hands with any patient, i just forgot to do that, i dont know why the hell i didn't

do u think it's gonna really negatively affect my results?????
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* Re:Hand Shake
  pamiboy - 12/05/06 05:27
  don't shouldn't matter.  
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* Re:Hand Shake
  wasp - 12/05/06 10:59
  I don't think it should matter.I read UW for my cs exam which I took on Nov 18.It does't say shake hands,so I didn't shake any of the patients.I hope they evaluate us on the major things like greeting the patient, addressing him by his/her name and so on.  
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* Re:Hand Shake
  goodluck123 - 12/06/06 07:36
  if rest of you communication skills were fine it will not matter.  
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* Re:Hand Shake
  rapport - 12/06/06 08:00
  hi desperado, dont worry its a minor mistake, and it wont affect u.and one thing to ask u, how r the cases in exam? the cases r same like in UW and like in first aid or any new cases added? please inform me...  
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* Re:Hand Shake
  kukita - 12/06/06 10:24
  at kaplan they told us not to shake hands with the patient except for the situation when the patient offers the hand - so not to initiate the hand-shake.
I think in the real exam I did the hand shake with some of the patients (2 or 3 I guess) - because I was a little bit over-excited in the beginning, but really it does not matter.
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* Re:Hand Shake
  elbamaritza - 02/19/08 18:12
  so shall we or not?  
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* Re:Hand Shake
  arlete - 02/19/08 18:28
  I did, in every single one, at the beggining and at the end.
rapport: FA and usmleworld are enough. You should be able to improvise if anything different comes along, but that is not common. Things like "onset, progression and PAMHUGSFOSS" are applied for most, so you'll be OK.
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