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* To:usmle_813
  xwxf - 12/07/06 13:41
  Cong!! to your success on CS
I am interested in the difference between your first and send attemps. What did you improve in the 2nd attemp compared to 1st one?
Could you briefly summarize why the 1st attemp failed?

Thanks alot.
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  usmle_813 - 12/07/06 15:06
  Thank you xwxf. I had failed in ICS i.e. patient note and data gathering. However I came to know about this only after I had reappeared for my cs second time coz my score report came late in mail.I just trusted the oasis trick and went for it. So i had improved on all parts to prepare for my second attempt and not just ICS. I guess I failed coz i did not take good history and missed many important exams and also missed lot of things on PN.
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  img_frommiddleeast - 12/07/06 15:16
  usmle_813........can u tell me how can i retake exam sooner as i see nothing available before march??  
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  usmle_813 - 12/07/06 15:17
  I replied this in another thread.  
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  img_frommiddleeast - 12/07/06 15:18
  this means should i get and pay for my scheduling permit now........  
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  xwxf - 12/07/06 15:20
  Thanks usmle813.
In the first attempt, you didn't do well in history, PE, PN. In the second attemp, what did you do to improve these 3 aspects?
What would you suggest for the 1st time taker in the preparation? Thanks
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  usmle_813 - 12/07/06 15:20
  Yes. After you have done the payment ur application will be processed in a day or two and you will get ur permit in email.  
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* Re:To:usmle_813
  usmle_813 - 12/07/06 15:24
  To xwxf. I advise you to read and practice First Aid thoroughly.Just this one book shud be enugh. I failed coz of lack of practice and i just didnt take cs all that seriously.  
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