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* pl advice
  yuvraj1001 - 12/08/06 17:28
  i just got the result and it said i didnt make it in CSI part which to me was a bit shocking since I did everything possible as mentioned in uw and i had a very good feeling after the exam.

If i were to give all over again i would not know where to do better than what i did bu i am sure with yur guys collective opinions i would be ble to formulate a plan and take this again. its a very humilating and depressive feeling and i hope no one has to go through this ever .

i knocked on the door introduced myself was emphatic draped the patient and asked about his concerns. i was able to complete all the cases on time and write good notes. i did not discuss the differential with the patient though and just told them that i would have to run a few test and would let them know whats going on with them.

pl answer my concerns as it is very imp i get out of this depression and let me know what different i can prepare this time.

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* Re:pl advice
  bowowmiow - 12/08/06 17:41
  well yuvraj , i know how it feels , cause even i failed for the first time and i passed the second time ,i failed in CSI and clinical encounter infact a star was given for my low performance in data gathering and patient notes , try to get a study partner and i strongly advice on it and there is a page in the about CSI , which is helpful to know how they grade CSI roughly and for each case after practising try to see into that and ask ursself did i do all these things.. well , even i thought the same thing how to go abt with this but trust me u can pass it second time .  
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* Re:pl advice
  bowowmiow - 12/08/06 17:44 , here is the website link , go thro this everytime u practise with a partner , u will definetly do well ,cause i had the same question what u r asking us 2 months back,all the best yuvraj  
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* Re:pl advice
  xwxf - 12/08/06 19:26
I am sorry to hear about your bad news.
From your post, it seems that you have done well in CS. You may go over the website bowowmiow mentioned above to look for anything you may have missed.
Would you like to practise with me for your 2nd attempt? I will take it in January.
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* Re:pl advice
  fortum - 12/08/06 20:20
come on keep it up, sometimes we do our best but result is quite disturbing, some times it may be wrong interpretation by SP, that is your bad luck. you can't do nothing about that.
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