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* For all those who failed in "CIS"?lets joi
  drdepressed - 12/08/06 22:10
  Dear friends,today I got my score report and was shocked to see that I failed in CIS with a little margin..However,I cant do anything but to take it again...Plz.all those who failed in CIS,share your experience..lets find out wat went wrong(standards are up now)..I hav'nt draped patient (used drape only when doing physical exam),failed to smile in many cases,forgot to counsel(like smoking)in 3 to 4 cases,did'nt summarized history in any case,did not sit in case of child's mother I need to do these next time...whatelse,you will guide share your experience honestly,so that we can prepare exam more efficiently...Thanks and good luck to all...  
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* Re:For all those who failed in "CIS"?lets
  raj77 - 12/08/06 22:54
  Hi , i also failed in CIS but now I passed with god grace, so gys dont be disoppointed you can do it easily. Prepare for cis. As drdepreesed told dont do tht he has done. Smile be frendly with pt, finished in time most imp, council every pt, be empathetic, You all will do it easily, honestly I hardly practice 8 cases . I gave CS within 7 days of my result. Dont be depressed gys. You can easily make up.  
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