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* halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  nutsbolts - 11/01/06 00:40
  best of luck to me and good luck to you  
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  kuru - 09/25/07 16:02
  if u dont know what to say, nobody is asking for ur valuable advise.
i wonder how many people out there think that there is a correlation between usmle scores and common sense. Common sense dictates that u be best prepared so that u give ur best performance, get best results and fulfill ur dreams. that is what i did, so i dont need jerks like u and hypersexual telling me about my common sense.
quoted "bad luck is what happens when lack of preparation meets a challenge, good luck, when preparation meets an oppurtunity"
I was well prepared and i have got 7 oppurtunities so far, so i believe my luck is 7 times better than u already(assuming u havent got an interview, which is likely with ur stupidity)
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  owenjay - 09/25/07 16:08
  kuru i hope u realise what they say"pride goeth b4 a fall" 10 i/v does not equate 2 a single job guess u know that.there r pple with much better creds who're not bragging about theirs.learn that humility is an invaluable virtue.  
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  kuru - 09/25/07 16:13
  dear Padre, I havent actually seen pride falling etc etc, but i have seen a lot of people with 10 interviews matching, so the mathematician in me tells me a lot about my chances.
thanks for ur sermon though.
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  imfpped - 09/25/07 16:18
  GL kuru............i totally undersatnd...........!!!!  
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  luckydonkey - 09/25/07 16:18
  kuru will get residency i think.  
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  recident - 10/09/07 18:03
  with your pride kuru, i dont think u deserve to get into any program and u might not get as well coz having 20 ivs doesnot secure your position in the match and having 1 iv call can still provide a fair amount of chance to match(though less). moreover your pride and taking comments put in a public forum personally proves you are a nerd.

try not to burn in your own flames and try to be friendly, it will help to show a good attitude for your iv.

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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  kuru - 10/09/07 19:15
  well actually u can say it "pride"..for me it is confidence...confidence that I have proven myself twice...and will do so whenever i get a chance...and u may think that i dont deserve to get into any program, but ur irrelevant (unless ur a PD) to me..
thanks for ur advise, but i've a fire extinguisher(lots of back up plans), in case i catch fire...
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  dy - 10/10/07 09:00
  pls Kuru,relax!
You may have 'proven' yourselftwice and bla bla bla but think abt it,what if before you accept any prematches,assuming you have 8 at your disposal,something terrible like you having a near fatal accident happens,that requires life support and all, of course,residency will bcome the last thing in your life and perhaps, the humble 'jerk' who had only one intv,knows a thing or two abt believing God,gets into the program,what now bcomes of your achievements?I certainly cannot wish my enemy that,let alone you,cos I
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  dy - 10/10/07 09:03
  BUT we have seen and heard of things like that and that's why life is all about being careful about what we boast of......
Yes,u could say this is a sermon and all,but I wanted you to be more careful,pride does really go before a fall,which can come in VARIOUS ways.
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* Re:halloween is gone, IVs are coming.
  herenow - 10/10/07 09:52
  dear dy, in the hypothetical world anything is possible. A lot of people seem to be living in it....these are the people who think and are stupid enough to say aloud that scores are useless(even though generations of residency applicants and this year's status have proven it wrong). U are one of those hypothetical people. I hate to say these...but whenever ur wife or mom goes out there is a chance that somebody would rape and kill them..(god forbid..i pray this nevr happens)...but this is a hypothetical world and anything is possible....would you prevent them from leaving home...if yes, i would definetely calm down...  
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