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* to vitriol
  hopy - 11/01/06 07:21
I still have to schedule Henry Ford and AMC.... I don't care so much about it, but I would like to get as much experience with interviews as possible....
Henry Ford will be in january though. I'm emailing them with 3 dates today.
Are you also interviewing at Henry Ford?
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* Re:to vitriol
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 09:36
  Hey Hopy,

How's life? Well, if you don't care much about HF, then it maybe best for you to schedule early. What's the point of using that program for IV experience if you've already had most of your interviews?

In my opinion, HF is a very strong program. I'm not sure what your goals are or what sort of a hand you are playing with, but personally I would give HF serious consideration. I will not be interviewing at HF.
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* Re:to vitriol
  hopy - 11/01/06 13:54
  Hey vitriol, sorry!!!
I meant I don't care much about AMC....I do care about HF. I just realized the way I wrote it that it could be misunderstood...SORRY!!!!
I'm interviewing in late december/january....
Thanks for your advice on HF!
I hope you've had a very productive day today...I received no REJ and no IV...

Take care
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* Re:to vitriol
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 14:05
  Hopy, my day is silent. I'm not sure what the program intend to do with the MSPE now they have it. The only thing I can think of is that they want more proof that you are who you say you are. Furthermore they want to go through your MSPE and make sure like there's nothing malignant which stands you showed up to all your lecture drunk or had an orgy in the morgue or something. Do you have any input as to the significance of the MSPE?

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* Re:to vitriol
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 14:13
  Here's some research I did on Henry Ford, a few months back:

Henry Ford hospital. 659 beds. But they own 5 hospitals and interns/residents will rotate through all of them. It is a community with university affiliation, however, this program is solid and they claim to be one of the best in the country. 36 total spots for IM making it a rather large program. The benefits sound good. Current opinions posted on the web are few. It's best to seek advice in AMG forums. However the most current web opinions I found made the program sound very good. The hospital does have it's own fellowships, and Henry Ford does takes it's own (I think about 13 different fellowships in IM). Overall, approximately 50% of thier grads go into fellowships. If you look at thier website, it is excellent (as are most of the Michigan IM program websites). In fact, if you require further information about this program, look at thier website. The only problem I found when applying to this program was they require USMLE scores are in the high 80’s to low 90’s. However, based what they do (not say) it's seems that they are looking for USMLE scores >95 for IMG's and much more...

Like I said Hopy, if you got this program. Definitely research it and give it serious consideration. The only draw back I can find on this program is that it's in Detroit.
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* Re:to vitriol
  hopy - 11/01/06 14:21
  Thanks vitriol!

Yes, Detroit is not such a lovely place....but who cares about that when you've been through the steps and the applications and about to go through the interviews? In the end, I think what we all want is a program that can offer us what we want (and I want the oncology fellowship....:-) )

Anyway, I really have no idea about how the MSPE can affect us (IMGs) from getting or not getting interviews in the future. I'll ask though and maybe I can get back to you tomorrow with some answer.

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