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* please answer...urgent
  doc12 - 11/01/06 10:18
  Hi everyone. Thanks for all the input. I registered for the nrmp match recently. Does this mean that I can not accept a prematch position or can I withdraw from the match if I accept a prematch. pLease advise as Im not sure how it works. Thanks a lot

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* Re:please answer...urgent
  raja123 - 11/01/06 10:21
  cool down.... as you are registered in NRMP, you are bound with NRMP rules and regulations... if you get prematch, you have to withdraw from NRMP ( yes, you can withdraw from match/NRMP through your account in NRMP) to relieve your self from NRMP rules...

I hope I have answered your concern

good luck..
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* Re:please answer...urgent
  doc12 - 11/01/06 10:35
  Thanks a lot, because I was getting worried as one of my friends told me that as I have now registered with nrmp, I cannot accept a prematch. Yes I am an img from India. I feel relieved now, thanks again.  
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* Re:please answer...urgent
  unimd - 01/31/11 16:18
  Today is the last day for programs to offer prematch. After today, everyone has to go for the match. They have to submit the number of positions going into the match by 5PM EST Jan 31.

If you do not get prematch today then you will be going into the match, so dont worry about it now!
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* Re:please answer...urgent
  moony - 01/31/11 16:20
  Actually it's not 5PM, the deadline is 11:59 PM tonight... just FYI  
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