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* hey ob guys???
  shikhag - 11/01/06 10:59
  are u guys preparing an interesting case to present in the iv??? what wud that case be....wud u describe the medical management or the surgical management???? how often interesting case q will be asked in the iv???does anybody has any idea???  
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  bluetooth - 11/01/06 11:17
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  final_diagnosis - 11/01/06 11:21
  Shikag wen is ur first interview and where?  
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  shikhag - 11/01/06 13:41
  hey it that nobody knows the ans...or that nobody wants to share the info....only gain knowledge....
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  final_diagnosis - 11/01/06 13:42
  Hey there shikag....i am prepin for my we hav to prep for interesting case tooooo!!!!!!!!! well we all are here to share info..btw u r yet to answer my question :D  
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 13:43
  Sometimes they ask, sometimes they don't. But if they do ask, use it as an opportunity to reflect yourself....i.e. give them a view of you in the future as a resident at thier program.

Let them see your thought process!
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  final_diagnosis - 11/01/06 13:48
  hmmm thanks vitriol..any inputs reg the maimonides OBGYN program..i hav an interview comin up
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  shikhag - 11/01/06 14:11
  hey vit...thanks for the input....but i want to clarify a couple of things
1) does the whole point of asking this question is to know about ur medical knowledge or to know about ur understanding and attitude
2) shud we describe the case totally in medical backdrope eg the case symptoms,investigations, management or shud we also describe it in non medical way like what we things turned out
3)since this is a surgical branch is it better if we have a case that has a surgical management ?

i am really CONFUSED....

hey first iv is in 3rd week of nov in about u ?
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  final_diagnosis - 11/01/06 14:27
  My first interview is this sunday, Nov NYC  
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  shikhag - 11/01/06 14:34 of it in maimonedes..cos they gave me a sunday too....are u prepaing an interesting case??  
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* Re:hey ob guys???
  vitriol102 - 11/01/06 14:51
  Hey Shikhag...

About your question.

1. In my opinion (note: it's only an opinion) this question is designed to asess your ability to present a case. i.e. if you totally goof up and say "yeah, I treated this guy who was in a car wreck and I think he had a bleed somewhere in his head because he couldn't move some of his body parts and his eyes looked funny...." It sounds so unprofessional. But if you state: "A 22 year old male was involved MVA. The patient was non-restrained in the front seat of his car and rear ended from behind while at rest. He recieved trauma to his head on the steering wheel as reported by the paramedic....vitals: neurologic deficits upon presentation to the ER were: right pupil was dilated while the right eye was down and out..."

Sorry to give so much detail, but which candidate would you have more faith in the candidate who gave the first answer or the second?? Remember, one of the things you will do as an intern is convey information about your patients to the attending. How will you do it?

In summary, this question will assess, to some extent, your medical knowledge, but more importantly you ability to communicate medically relevant information.

2. You question is very good. And I don't have an answer for it. But my 2 cents is that you should guage what your interviewer is asking you and answer accordingly. Personally, I'm presented with the opportunity to show what I learned from the medical case (as a physician & as a person) then I'll go for it.

3. Like I said, guage what the person interviewing you wants to know...answer no more and no less. If he asks you to go through the treatment guidelines, then so...
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