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* Prematch question
  mjkl - 11/02/06 10:52
If i want H-1 visa then is it a must to have my step 3 result in hand at the time i go for interview or am offered a premath position or is there any chance that the program will wait before processing my visa so that i can take it by February? When do we have to start visa processing after accepting prematch hopefully? Do we have to tell the program right the way which visa we want? Actually i am praying to get my EAD by February 07 and cant afford to go on J-1 but at the same time i did not match last year so i dont want to take any risks of going through the match and not matching this year aswell.
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* Re:Prematch question
  acidtest - 11/02/06 11:07
  same question here.... only thing that is different ... m on F1 visa and EAD is nowhere near for me... so want H1 B anyhow even can go for match.... well same q if I need H1 B but not done with s3 yet taking in dec will that talk improve my chances of getting prematch...or is it must to go for match for me... as result of s3 will come out somewhere in end of jan... what do u say buddy..... most of my interviews came from programs which offer prematches rather than going for match...  
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* Re:Prematch question
  acyclovir - 11/02/06 13:43
  u can tell the pd that u prefer an h1 and many wl give some last date( like jan end, feb) to take step3. it is not compulsory 2 tell at the time of prematch guys.  
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